Storage Tips

Storage Tips to Consider

Add any basic shelving. Shelving provides extra space for storage. Plus, shelves help protect and your items and also allows easy access for retrieval and management of your inventory.

Use sofas and chairs carefully. It is practical to use sofas and chairs as tables and shelves; however, they should be covered and also protected. Put only the light objects on them to avoid any permanent damage to the pillows and cushions.

Put clothes on hangers. The best way to protect your clothes is to hang them from any type of rod. There are also special boxes that you can buy for this purpose.

Put your valuables out of sight. People will be helping you from time to time with your moving and storage, including strangers. Make sure to keep your special items totally out of sight.

No gasoline, oil, or strong chemicals. Drain any engines, and do not bring anything into the unit that is flammable, or that has a strong odor.

Keep boxes tightly sealed. If you must open your boxes, be sure to seal them again tightly. This helps protect the items inside.

Slightly crack doors on refrigerators. This helps to protect them and avoids mold and mildew.

Leave space to move about. Make a path to all objects, especially those in back. You will want to be able to retrieve items and also check on them.

Make an inventory list. It does not need to be super detailed, but it will be helpful to know exactly what is there in the storage unit. You might also want to indicate what is in which box too.

Label every box. Make some kind of mark on each box to identify it. It is helpful to also pack each box by category (such as “Kitchen Items”) or by which room the contents came from (such as “Bedroom”). You could also label by the name of the family member who owns the contents (such as “John’s things”).

Don’t store anything perishable. You might think you are only storing a short time, but you never really know how long before you retrieve your things. Best not to take a chance on anything that might go bad.

Purchase a strong lock. It might cost a little more, but it is worth it.