Auction Info

About Self Storage Auctions


Each month an auction is conducted for the necessary sale of the contents of any units with outstanding liens. Information about these sales, including dates, times, and locations, can be found in the local newspaper. Additionally, you can contact the office, or visit this website for any and all upcoming Auction Events.

Self storage auctions become necessary when individuals leasing units fail to pay rent or abandon their units. When the account is past due for a period of time (stated in the contract), the facility puts a lien on the contents and sells them at auction. The procedures are strictly governed by state laws and regulations.

Facilities must provide public notice of the lien sale and allow the renter time to pay their outstanding bill and reclaim possessions up until the moment the auction begins. Any and All profits are put toward the balance due on the account; and any excess of the amount owed is returned to the tenant. Generally, the self storage facility does not make a profit on auctions. Because there is the time, work, cost, and even emotions in selling someone’s possessions, facility owners think of auctions as an unfortunate event.

Usually, anyone can attend a self storage facility auction, and sometimes there are large crowds of bidders and spectators. There are usually a few general rules for bidders, including completion of an official registration form with proper identification.

If you plan to attend an auction, be prepared.

Read all of the facility rules in advance.
Arrive early for plenty of time to register and view unit contents.
Bring a credit card or cash if necessary.
Have a method to haul away anything you bid on and win.